Public Run Day

Public run days, or Sunday runs as they are often called, give club members a chance to run

prototypical model trains for the public to enjoy that are not typically used during an operating

session. Many of the trains run on Sundays are not used during a club op session as the layout

is set to mimic the mid 80’s and much of the power seen on Sundays is considerably newer and

in some instances much older (steam engines). Trains are run parade style, all traveling the

same direction, west on the 2nd Sunday and east on the 4th Sunday. We have used this method

to ensure that there are trains continuously moving as many of the visitors seem annoyed when

a train has stopped for no apparent reason. Some of the members would like to see the trains

run in true prototypical fashion, trains in opposite directions. That would require extensive

prototype training as we would have opposing trains. Running in opposite directions would be a

useful tool in educating the public on how the prototype makes meets, maintain proper freight

movement (schedules) and keeps the product on those trains moving to the final destination.

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